CHICS Downloads

To install a CHICS X trial version download the following:


For a list of CHICS X updates you can follow this RSS feed 


To Launch

  • Once the download is complete, unpack the zip file and run Setup.exe
  • Follow the prompts and accept the defaults.
  • When you run CHICS X for the first time you will be asked for a data file folder to connect to. The default folder is C:\Chics X data. Alternatively if you didn't use the default settings choose the folder you specified during the installation.
  • There is a limited license for this test data which enables you to use CHICS X, but the following restrictions apply:
    - Only 20 properties are allowed to be active.
    - Custom reports feature is not available.
    - No program updates are available.
  • If you would like a full trial then email Colin or Mark for a license. A small fee is payable for non-CHICS Users for a trial-which will go towards your first year if you take up the system. Current CHICS Users - please contact us for help in converting your data.



Year End Downloads for our current users:

CHICS Year End advice 2020 - (DOC file)
CHICS X Price List - (pdf file) April 2020
Service, Support - (pdf file) April 2020